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About: laredo, texas

Laredo's economy is based on international trade with Mexico. The city is home to the largest inland port in the U.S. Most major transportation companies have a facility in Laredo as a result. The cities location along the southern end of Interstate-35 is close to many manufacturers of North Mexico, which promotes its vital role in US-Mexico trade.

Population: 233152
Local Newspapers: Laredo Morning Times Courier
Local Sports Teams: Laredo Bucks (Central Hockey League)
Local Colleges: State UniversityTexas A&M International University, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio.

Zip Codes associated with laredo, texas: 78040, 78041, 78043, 78045, 78046
Towns/Cities near laredo, texas : Hebbreonville, Alice, Freer, San Diego, Cotulla

Laredo News
College professor shares immigration insight with Laredoans

She's a journalism professor at UT Austin who's been documenting the lives of young people in El Salvador for years as they struggled with war and gang violence. With so many immigrants coming across the border from central america last year and more expected this Summer, she's delving into the problems that force people to look for a way out.

Two organizations announce diabetes initiative

In Wednesday's Laredo Rotary Club meeting, both organizations from Laredo and Nuevo Laredo announced the Diabetes Monitoring and Prevention Initiative.

LPD: 22 arrests for sex crimes against children in the new year

And since the start of the new year, there's been at least 22 of those kinds of arrests for the Laredo Police Department. Laredo police say people accused of those crimes are not required to check in with a probation officer unless they've been convicted.

Jesus Olivares selected as Laredo City Manager

In that time, the job has fallen to an interim, or acting city manager, but now, the city has filled the position. After one-on-one interviews, in executive session, the Laredo city council voted unanimously to hire "interim" city manager Jesus Olivares.

South Laredo Library in need of additional staff

With just less than half a year open, the South Laredo Library is looking to make new additions to their services. At this week's Kiwanis meeting, administrators from the public library told members of the latest upgrades done to the other libraries in Laredo - including new computers and gadgets used for presentations.

Find TB, Treat TB: Working together to eliminate tuberculosis

World TB Day commemorates the date in 1882 when Dr. Robert Koch announced his discovery of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the bacillus that causes tuberculosis . This day provides the opportunity to raise awareness about TB today and its related health problems, co-morbidities and solutions as well as to support worldwide TB-control efforts.

Expanding I-27; Texas cities consider changes

Right now, talks are in the works and meetings are being held to gather interest for the possible expansion of I-27. The current highway stretches from Amarillo to Lubbock.

Mexico nabs suspected Zetas cartel figure near Texas border

" A suspected leader of the violent Zetas drug cartel who was on Mexico's list of 122 priority targets for arrest was captured early Monday in a city on the Texas border, authorities said. Ramiro Perez Moreno, 34, was arrested without any shots being fired in the city of Nuevo Laredo, across from Laredo, Texas, the Mexican navy said in a statement.

Coming up at Ten

Tonight on KGNS News, a business owner in downtown Laredo says a metal cover on the sidewalk is posing a tripping hazard on the sidewalk after a woman fell and ended up dying, what he wants the city to do.

FCC To Fine TV Station The Maximum For Indecency During Newscast

The FCC has announced that it plans to fine SCHURZ COMMUNICATIONS CBS affiliate WDBJ-TV/ROANOKE, VA the maximum $325,000 for airing indecent material during its evening newscast. WDBJ aired a video clip from a porn film website during its 6p newscast on JULY 12th, 2012, illustrating a story about an adult film star who had joined a local fire department and rescue squad with, "specifically, a video image of a hand stroking an erect penis" that appeared on the box for a video shown on the website; the clip ran for three seconds.

Kidney Walk-a-thon

At North Central Park, the Laredo Kindey Foundation held their second annual walk a thon. Over 100 participants made their way through the 31-acre park to show their support for friends and family affected by kidney disease.

Protesting Property Appraisals

Property owners will soon be receiving the appraisal for their property in the mail. If you don't agree with the value placed on your home or business, you have options available.

About 200 marchers protest in Grapevine Sunday

Ruben Garcia Villalpando's widow wept Sunday at the end of a peaceful justice march for her husband, who was unarmed when he was fatally shot by a Grapevine police officer in late February. "Right now he is in heaven watching all the people who came here today," said widow Martha Romero.

Habitat for Humanity of Laredo announces Golfing for Roofs Tournament

Executive Director Carol Sherwood says she hopes people continue to donate to help everyone in the community have a place to call home. "Most of our homes have been built in the last five years, so if you think about it - if we can get the right property, we get the right funding and of course, our wonderful volunteers from the community, we can build another hundred houses.

Warrant roundup starts May 18

The Amnesty Program held by Municipal Court Judge Rosie Cuellar was a success that heard over 8,000 cases and generated over $930,000 in revenues for the city. Those who took advantage of the program are now able to obtain their drivers' licenses, but for those who haven't made an effort to comply, run the chance of being picked up by Laredo police.

Laredoans to honor legacy of Cesar Chavez

Many years ago, farm workers in California - under the guidance of Cesar Chavez - united and passed the California Agricultural Labor Relations Act. It protects the rights of farm workers.

Introducing Laredo's newest tourism attractions

Did you ever think that you could meet the rebel that once declared Laredo as the capitol city of the Republic of the Rio Grande? Did you ever give pause to the delicious and special spices in your Mexican food? How about your downtown Laredo art consciousness? Well, all these things are answered in a series of new events unveiled recently by the Laredo Convention and Visitors Bureau in partnership with the Texas Historical Commission and a variety of local private sector, non-profit and attractions' partners.

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